About Us

In 2017, I Am W.E.E. Nation was launched as a cultural movement of artists dedicated to creating and performing family friendly music global beats for little feet, which provides children with child-appropriate and self-affirming music that will enhance their social and cultural development – a necessary alternative to inappropriate adult music. 

I Am W.E.E. Nation  was created and is operated by Devin L. Walker, owner and main performer of The Uncle Devin Show® LLC.  It was established to help fulfill its social mission of raising the awareness of, and advocacy among, children and their parents, guardians and caregivers about the need for more public funds toward music in schools.

I Am W.E.E. Nation seeks to:

  1. Use the children's music genre to help prepare children of African descent to overcome and defeat racism, sexism and all forms of bigotry in the world.

  2. Promote "I Am W.E.E. Nation" artists using social media, i.e., podcasts, radio, live performances etc., to make our communities aware of the many talented children’s music artists, both past and present, who have and are making significant contributions in the field of children's music.

  3. Recruit and retain "I Am W.E.E. Nation" artists by providing professional development training and booking opportunities.

  4. Establish and maintain a nationwide radio program for children of African descent, with the goal of becoming a 24/7 radio experience.

  5. Petition the NAACP Image, Soul Train and BET Awards, respectively, requesting that they add Children’s Music as one of their award categories.

We seek to be a part of the solution that will help eradicate the ongoing and negative educational and social outcomes in the United States.  I Am WEE Nation understands the importance music (and art) plays in children’s development and its critical role in the process of "wiring" a young child's brain.

We know that all children learn by watching, listening and especially doing. It is our responsibility to develop and design music (and art) programs, (i.e., classes, assemblies, workshops, music CD’s, books, etc.) that will help us be a part of the larger movement of change necessary for all children to live in a safe and inclusive society.  We need community control over what our children listen to musically everyday, which is a very important tool toward self-development and cultural awareness.