Problem worth solving
  • Children of African descent are being musically neglected and ignored.

  • There is no national radio children's music programming targeting the black community. 

  • Today's children's music genre caters to the dominant culture, which predominantly plays folk and pop music. 

  • Our children are subjected to “Music Adultification,” which is the process of forcing children to listen to inappropriate, adult music while denying them age-appropriate music that allows them to be who they are - innocent children.

  • Many parents, teachers and guardians of children within the black community do not know where to go to find culturally appropriate music for their children, nor do they know that it even exists.

  • Forces outside of the targeted group are controlling the music our children hear, especially in the children’s music genre.

Our solution
  • I Am WEE Nation provides age and culturally appropriate children's music of different genres beyond the mainstream, to include Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Go-Go, Reggae and more.


  • There is no cost to listen to our station. Our radio program is free to anyone with an internet connection.

  • We introduce and share music and spoken word by artists within the black community and beyond from around the world, both past and present.

  • We help you take control of your children's music listening experience.

  • Given that we cater to children, all of our music is positive, educational and fun.


  • We provide child-appropriate and self-affirming music that will enhance children’s social and cultural development.